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Organic Inulin

Type: Organic Product

Product Name:Organic Inulin (Jerusalem Artichoke)

Specification: 90%,95%

CAS: 39289-43-5 

Molecular Formula:(C6H10O5)n.xH2O

Herb Sources: Organic Jerusalem Artichoke
Part Used: Root 
Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: White powder


Solubility:Soluble in warm water

Usage: food,Pharmaceuticals, healthcare,and cosmetics

Inulin Description: 

Inulin also called synanthrin. A mixture fructan of 2-60 polymerization degree. Except

starch,inulin is another energy storage form in plants,an ideal raw material for functional foods.Its present in many fruits and vegetables.Of which the Jerusalem artichoke is a particularly rich source.Inulin is the only product that has dual properties of prebiotics and dietary fiber.


Inulin has been part of our daily diet for hundreds of years, as you find it in many

fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, onions, and wheat. When extracted from Jerusalem artichoke, inulin can be successfully used as a beneficial ingredient in many food applications.

Inulin Characteristics:

1. Inulin is prebiotics&water-soluble dietary fiber, is the most soluble dietary fibre in the world - even more soluble than sucrose! This allows easy processing without requiring to adapt or change production processes.

2. Improving mouthfeel as fat replacer

3. Enhancing mineral absorption,especially calcium and magnesium

4. Blood sugar management

5. Calorie reduction

6. Natural bulking agent


7. Sugar replacer

Main Functions

1. Inulin can help falling blood sugar, falling blood lipid.

2. Inulin promots the mineral absorption, such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+, Fe2+, Cu2.
3. Jerusalem artichoke extract inulin can adjust sports of intestines and stomach, improving the fat metabolism and losing weight.
4. Inulin can inhibit the production of toxic fermentation products, protect liver and prevent colon cancer.
5. Inulin powder has a good effect of skin whitening, it can make skin become smooth and delicate with luste.
6. Chicory root extract inulin powder can strengthen bowel peristalsis and has special efficiency to prevent and treat effectively constipation.

-Applied in food industry, Inulin is usually used as food additives.
-Appplied in the field of cosmetics, Inulin powder is used as an immune modulator.
-Applied in fields of health products and pharmaceutical, used ass immunomodulatory agents and immune-stimulating hormone.


*  Delivert Time: Around 3-7 days after your payment  Net Weight:

*  Packaging: Paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside and Can be customerized

 Net Weight25kgs/kraft bag 

 Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat Storage
*  Shelf life: Two years when properly stored Shelf life:

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