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Organic Pea Protein Powder

Type: Organic Product

· Product Name: Organic Pea Protein

· Protein: 80%,85%

· Mesh: 80mesh

· pH: 6.5~8.5

· Grade: Organic & Conventional

· Appearance: Light-yellow fine powder

· Particle Size: 98% pass 80mesh

· Raw Material: High Quality Pea from Canada and USA, Non GMO

Our Pea Protein Isolate is extracted from NON GMO golden yellow peas by a natural process to ensure maximum bio-availability. With 85% protein on a dry basis it has the most balanced amino acid profile of any plant based protein, making it an excellent choice for vegans.

It has a medium releasing nature as it is digested much slower than whey protein, making it ideal to take throughout the day. It can also be combined with faster acting whey proteins to get varying release of different protein fractions and amino acids.

It is free from common allergens such as gluten, lactose, soy & has a high digestibility rating of 98%. It is an ideal protein for people with such food intolerances.

 Main Features :

 *Organic Pea Protein Isolate Hypoallergenic,     
 *Organic Pea Protein Isolate Easy to digest,       
 *Organic Pea Protein Isolate Completely natural protein,         
 *Organic Pea Protein Isolate A balanced distribution of amino acids,       
 *Organic Pea Protein Isolate No gluten or lactose,       
 *Organic Pea Protein Isolate Improve the taste and texture,

1.Organic Pea Protein is designed commonly for a wide variety of food applications, which is a standard combination of nutrition, safety and health. 

2.It is designed especially for baby and the aged, which is the ideal combination of nutrition, safety and health.

3.Organic Pea Protein owns best functions in health foods and nutraceuticals, with unrivaled high level of nutrition, while is also workable in a wide variety of food applications 

4.Organic Pea Protein is designed specifically for a wide range of food applications with economical concerns, which is a standard combination of nutrition, safety and cost savings. 
Organic Pea Protein can be used in vegetable protein beverages (peanut milk, wheat milk and walnut milk, etc.), health food & beverages and sausages based on its good water-solubility. It can also be used to increase protein content and stabilize quality in the milk powder processing (infant & student formula milk powder and milk powder for the middle-aged and senior) field.



*  Delivert Time: Around 3-7 days after your payment  Net Weight:

*  Packaging: Paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside and Can be customerized

 Net Weight25kgs/kraft bag 

 Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat Storage
*  Shelf life: Two years when properly stored Shelf life:

Our Advantage:

1. A Leading plant extract Manufacturer in China With More than 10 years experiences

2. Certified by ISO9001:2008 ,ISO22000:2005(HACCP) ,Halal, Organic,Kosher ,GMP, etc;
3. Factory directly sales price , high stable quality ,fast delivery capability, superb service, flexible payment term ect;
4. Free Sample  ,Our products can be OEM, Packaging can be customized as yours requirement;
5. Quality Guarantee: International Authorized Third-Party Test for the products you need
                                     Pre-shipment samples is available for your inspection;
6. Timely communication: All requirement will be reply within 12 hours 

7. We have branch company and own warehouse in LA,USA. furthermore,can directly send goods to you from our USA warehouse



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