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Green Tea Extract

Type: Natural Plant Extract
Product name: Green Tea Extract
Latin name: Camellia sinensis O. Ktze.
Part of used: Leaf
Specification: High Purity 90%, 95%, 98%
Apperance: Offwhite powder
Extract Method:Water/Grain alcohol
Test Method: HPLC
Shelf Time: 2 Years
Storage:Keep in shady, dry places with good ventilation condition and avoiding light.

What is Green Tea Extract?

Green tea extract is a herbal derivative from green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis), which contains antioxidant ingredients. Green tea and its derivatives are sometimes used as dietary supplements and in alternative medicine.
Green tea extract exhibits stronger antioxidant protection for human body than vitamin C and vitamin E. Scavenging effect of lipid free-radicals (one antioxidant property) of polyphenols in green tea extracts can be clearly observed in experiments.


1. It is hypolipidemic,keeping fit, diabetes Prevention.
2. Green Tea Extract can lower blood pressure, blood clotting, lowering blood pressure, weight loss.
3. Prevention of atherosclerosis and thrombosis and other cardiovascular disease.
4.Green Tea Extract can Lower blood sugar, diabetes control, Sterilization.
5. Green Tea Extract can control hepatitis, fatty liver, anti-aging and enhancing immune function.
6. Anti-allergy, flu prevention, prevent fractures.


1.Applied in food field, it is used as natural antioxidant, antistaling agent, and anti-fading agents.

2.As cosmetics and daily chemical additive, it owns the effect of anti-wrinkle and anti-Aging.It can dispel spot, prevent and treat skin disease and sensibility, decayed tooth, dental plaque,periodontitis and halitosis, protect skin from the harmful solar ray and prevent skin cancer.

3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is used to prevent and cure cardiovascular disease, diabetes.It owns the effect of sterilization and antivirus.It is available as raw material of subsidiary and healthcare medecine.

4.Anticancer activity of doxorubicin and idarubicin


 *  Delivert Time: Around 3-7 days after your payment  Net Weight:
 *  Packaging: Paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside and Can be customerized
 *  Net Weight: 25kgs/Paper Drum
 *  Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat Storage
 *  Shelf life: Two years when properly stored Shelf life

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