Ginger Essential Oil

Type: Essential Oil & Carrier Oil
Product name:Ginger Essential Oil
Appearance:Yellow-brown Liquid
Odor:Strong smell of ginger

What is Ginger Essential Oil? 

Ginger essential oil is a traditional health care method, not suitable for facial skin maintenance.Can be mixed in shampooing, can go head wind, stop a headache.It can be diluted with basic oil to dissipate blood stasis, treat trauma, and also be used for postpartum care to eliminate accumulated blood clots.It is especially helpful to improve the state of moisture and body fluid in the body, which can also reduce sore throat and tonsil inflammation.Warm emotions make people feel sharp and enhance their memories.
Ginger essential oil should not be directly applied to the skin or rub on the skin, it is not easy to directly add in hot water bubble bath, because it can cause the skin to produce adverse reaction, when serious, the rash, long blisters.High doses may cause skin irritation and mild phototoxic reactions.


This warming essential oil is often used for digestive problems, as well as nausea - be that morning sickness or travel upset. It is also of value when treating colds and flu and especially for catarrhal lung conditions and rheumatic pain. It can also be used on the skin to help clear bruises.

1.Food:Ginger tea granules, ginger syrup, ginger sugar, ginger bread, ginger drinks, food preservatives

2.Chemical products:Ginger shampoo , shower gel, shampoo conditioner, foot bath, toothpaste and so on

3.For health care products processing, such as foot bath Chinese medicine package, health tea, dampness of Chinese medicine powder.
4.For drug processing, such as foot bath powder, cold medicine.
5.Used as a natural heating agent, can be used for massage cream, foot paste, plaster stickers, warm body stickers and so on
6.Body massage essential oil.


1. Anti-oxidant, effectively eliminating free radicals;

2. With the function of perspiration, and alleviating the fatigue, weakness,anorexia and other symptoms;

3.Promoting appetite, settling an upset stomach;

4.Anti-bacterial, ease the headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.


1. Delivert Time: Around 3-7 days after your payment  

2.Packaging: 25kg/drum, 180kg/drum

3.Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat Storage
Shelf life: Two years when properly stored 


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