Sweet Orange Oil

Type: Essential Oil & Carrier Oil
Product Name:Sweet orange oil
CAS No.:8008-57-9
Appearance:orange clear liquid
Odor:strong aroma of orange peel
Main Ingredient:limonene
Specific Gravity:0.838~0.843
Refractive Index:1.473~1.476
Optical Rotation:80˚~95˚
Extraction:cold pressing

What is Sweet Orange Oil? 

Sweet orange essential oil, sometimes also called “orange oil” or "orange essential oil" Sweet orange essential oil is the essential oil of oranges, which bears the scientific name Citrus sinensis.
These are extremely common fruits but the oil itself isn’t as widely known. Differing from orange juice, orange essential oil can be extracted from the peels of oranges through a process involving grain alcohol. The resultant orange oil can be used for many health issues, ranging from acne to chronic stress.

1. Relieves Inflammation.
2. Cure acne and dermatitis.
3. Disinfects the wound.
4. Relaxes muscular.
5. Skin Moisturizing.
6. Enhance vitality.
7. Boots immunity.
8. Detoxifier.

Sweet orange essential oil has many applications that can improve your overall health, such as helping you get better sleep, reducing the occurrence of muscle spasms, increasing your sex drive, protecting the immune system, detoxifying the body, and preventing the onset of cognitive disorders. The high content of antioxidants and organic compounds makes this oil highly versatile and useful.


1. Delivert Time: Around 3-7 days after your payment  

2.Packaging: 25kg/drum, 180kg/drum

3.Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat Storage
Shelf life: Two years when properly stored 


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